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Visual Art Instruction. An Art Education For the Youth.

My mission is to build confidence  and success through the exploration
and  development of imagination and creativity in art.

My goal is  to reach out and touch as many young minds that I can, in
supporting the spirit and enthusiasm that comes with doing a job well

Believe in yourself, make the world a better place to grow and thrive.

" Now and again, I can do anything....spread my wings, and reach for the
Cheryl Ehlers is a published and award winning artist who participates in local and out of
state competitions.  Her  work is in watercolor, acrylic and mixed mediums and includes
gourd art sculptures  that have been in national competitions and are registered with the
Library of Congress.

She is involved in many venues that display and handle her work and is always on
exhibition, somewhere is the North County .

As past President of the San Dieguito Art Guild in Encinitas, she represents 200+ artists  
as the present Public Relations Chair.  The Off Track Gallery is located n the Lumberyard in
Encinitas, CA.  Visit  www.offtrackgallery.com.

In her own right, she indeed, is a true artist.  Her creativity and imagination is boundless.  
Her energy is capturing and her capability of sharing and understanding the mind of others
and turning it into art, is contagious.

Cheryl's  personality is positive and she imparts that onto her students. "Anything is
possible",   if you just try.  She is a true artist at heart.

With imagination, effort and the tools to work with you can explore art at is finest.  The
process of creation...using raw skills is a FANTASTIC  experience.


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